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About Keystone


Keystone Organizing is a minority-owned, Pennsylvania-based strategic organizing and grassroots mobilization firm that provides paid canvassing, community organizing, voter registration, and signature gathering services to campaigns, committees, and advocacy groups, both in Pennsylvania and throughout the country. Led by Brandon Evans, the founder of Front Street Advisors and a veteran organizer and campaign operative, Keystone offers unmatched expertise in managing grassroots mobilization programs in the Commonwealth.

Keystone has partnered with Shawmut Services to provide its clients with first-rate project management, administrative, and operational infrastructure. The result is a partnership that provides campaigns and clients with detailed local knowledge of the Pennsylvania political landscape and its communities and neighborhoods, with the professional, scalable people capacity provided by Shawmut and its team.

Voter Registration

We execute comprehensive and dynamic Voter Registration (VR) initiatives that have the power to revolutionize the composition of the electorate in communities of all sizes. We specialize in traditional methods such as site-based and door-to-door VR programs, and we collaborate with partner firms to create and implement multifaceted approaches that encompass digital and mail capabilities. Our VR programs prioritize both quantity and quality, employing a meticulous quality control process to guarantee each registration form's validity, completeness, and accuracy.



At Keystone Organizing, we specialize in recruiting, educating, and empowering grassroots canvassers who possess an exceptional comprehension of their respective communities and excel in conveying the campaign's message with utmost efficacy. Each canvasser undergoes a rigorous selection procedure, followed by thorough training, ongoing skill enhancement, and continuous on-the-ground guidance. We maintain the highest standards of qualitative and quantitative accountability, ensuring that your campaign or organization is represented impeccably during door-to-door engagements.

Signature Collection

Through our distinctive signature collection program, you have the opportunity to leverage grassroots support, amplify your voice, and bring about substantial transformations. We empower individuals to actively engage in the democratic process and join a movement that generates enduring change. With our comprehensive training, diligent oversight, and stringent quality control measures, we internally verify every signature collected by our staff, ensuring accuracy and reliability

Relational Organizing

At the core of our approach lies a steadfast commitment to training and development. We equip our teams with the skills to engage and inspire their communities, not only through conventional voter outreach but also on a personal level. We deeply understand that relational organizing is intrinsic to community organizing, drawing inspiration from the tireless efforts of past community organizers and activists.

 Program Development

At Keystone Organizing, we specialize in offering holistic solutions for organizations and candidates aiming to strengthen and optimize their political programs. By integrating political strategy, policy development, campaign management, and public relations expertise, we craft customized and impactful programs that align with our clients' unique goals and objectives. Our comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of their political endeavors is thoughtfully addressed and optimized for success.

Operational Support

In partnership with Shawmut Services, our dedicated operations team is prepared to swiftly establish and scale up paid operations to provide efficient logistical services such as payroll, training, and onboarding. We prioritize prompt execution to meet our clients' needs. By harnessing our expertise, you can amplify your outreach endeavors, effectively engage with supporters, and ultimately propel the success of your campaign.


Meet Brandon Evans

With more than a decade of experience in the political arena, Brandon Evans has established a stellar reputation as a highly esteemed professional. His deep-rooted passion for history and politics has always fueled his commitment to advocacy and campaigns. It was under the guidance of Stacey Abrams that Brandon discovered his strategic acumen early in his career.

Originally from Miami, FL, Brandon has made Philadelphia his home for the past ten years. His family's influence instilled in him a profound appreciation for history, as well as a fervent drive to champion the underdog.

Throughout his extensive career, Brandon has collaborated with labor unions, advocacy groups, and numerous candidates. His enthusiasm for political advising is evident as he actively engages with like-minded individuals dedicated to addressing pressing issues.

Brandon's remarkable portfolio includes working alongside influential figures such as Stacey Abrams, Larry Krasner, and Jim Kenney, further cementing his role in effecting positive change.

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